• fear

    Finding your Happiness, Part 1 : Overcoming Fear

    Jul 18 • 936 Views • No Comments

    The funny thing about fear is that usually we experience it more when we think about the unknown.  We have innumerable “what if’s” run through our minds, consequences of our day-to-day decisions.  Some of the decisions we make seem trivial, but have...

  • Young woman breast feeding a baby

    Mother’s Milk

    Jul 11 • 1009 Views • No Comments

    We’ve all become familiar with the Canadian Blood Donor Association, an organization that meets the needs of those who need blood with those who have blood to give.  Their slogan, “It’s in you to give,” has infiltrated our newspapers, television...

  • aromatherapy

    Scentsability: infuse your life using your sniffer!

    Jul 5 • 994 Views • No Comments

    Aromatherapy is the science that determines how scents and pheromones affect our moods and mental well-being.  While aromatherapy is often used in combination with other treatments, it has not been proven to cure illnesses; it simply is effective at reducing...

  • self-defense.v21

    Kick some Butt

    Jun 29 • 969 Views • No Comments

    As a child, I was embarrassed that my mom repeatedly enrolled me in self-defense and self-esteem classes.  When my friends would ask me what I was doing on the weekend, I would come up with any excuse not to tell them that I was enrolled at the local...

  • expectations

    Expectations: Relationship Killer

    Jun 27 • 982 Views • No Comments

    A lot of us confuse expectations with standards when it comes to relationships. A standard for the life partner you are looking for is a fact. It is a norm used to measure the quality of the type of relationship you chose to have in your life. Expectations on...

  • squats

    Working on my bootyliciousness

    Jun 26 • 1053 Views • No Comments

    DAY 4 of the 30 DAY SQUAT CHALLENGE Ok so this is day four of this bootylicious 30 day workout. Squats and more squats is not usually part of my routine however when the super energetic workout princess Andrea tells you to join a challenge, you cant help but...

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