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  • The B word

    The B Word

    Oct 11, 13 • 7357 Views • GIRL POWER, NEWS & BLOGNo Comments

    Bitch, please!  Note: this article contains language that some readers may find offensive. There are a few words that I can think of in the English language that carry a lot of contention when it comes to semantics.  By that I mean that there is a lot of...

  • Dress code

    Tips for the business Fashionista

    Sep 6, 13 • 7473 Views • GIRL POWER, INSPIRATION, NEWS & BLOGNo Comments

    Ladies, you know how seeing a guy in a nice sharp suit is totally sexy? Well, the same goes for women. Dressing for business doesn’t have to be a synonym for boring! Put your diva foot forward, in heels of course, and dare to be corporate sexy! Discover...

  • Young woman breast feeding a baby

    Mother’s Milk

    Jul 11, 13 • 3272 Views • BEAUTY/HEALTH, GIRL POWER, UncategorizedNo Comments

    We’ve all become familiar with the Canadian Blood Donor Association, an organization that meets the needs of those who need blood with those who have blood to give.  Their slogan, “It’s in you to give,” has infiltrated our newspapers, television...

  • self-defense.v21

    Kick some Butt

    Jun 29, 13 • 32448 Views • GIRL POWERNo Comments

    As a child, I was embarrassed that my mom repeatedly enrolled me in self-defense and self-esteem classes.  When my friends would ask me what I was doing on the weekend, I would come up with any excuse not to tell them that I was enrolled at the local...

  • household-chores

    To Clean or not to Clean

    Jun 4, 13 • 3701 Views • GIRL POWER, RELATIONSHIPSNo Comments

      This weekend the Globe and Mail caught my eye with a catchy front page; Feminism’s Final Frontier. So of course I felt compelled to find out about this final frontier and most importantly, if I had crossed it or not. To my surprise, there was no...

  • images1

    Less talking/more doing

    May 20, 13 • 2100 Views • GIRL POWER, INSPIRATION, NEWS & BLOGNo Comments

     What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do. – Jon Ruskin It seems the easiest thing to do in the world is to say you’re going to do something.  But, how many of us...



    Apr 9, 13 • 6929 Views • GIRL POWER, INSPIRATIONNo Comments

    Sharing a woman’s story…She writes : Perseverance stubborn strength courage guts! I am so excited and pleased to send you this email to tell you that I finally did it. After HARD work I am the first and only person able to have an VIP escort...

  • newspaper


    Apr 8, 13 • 1726 Views • GIRL POWERNo Comments

    I used to watch the news and read the newspapers all the time. Part of what prompted this habit was probably one of my teacher in high school that said, “well educated and informed people read the news.” I believed her. Later on when I entered University,...