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  • True Love

    How To Recognize True Love

    Mar 22, 17 • 1978 Views • NEWS & BLOG, RELATIONSHIPSNo Comments

      Written by Celinka Serre There comes a time when everyone wonders if they have found their one true love, their soul mate. This is a normal phase for any serious relationship and it will come at different times for different people. I have been in...

  • spice-up-your-relationship

    Spice Up Your Relationship

    Nov 17, 16 • 1494 Views • NEWS & BLOG, RELATIONSHIPSNo Comments

      Simple NonTraditional Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship Written†by†Celinka†Serre There are a number of things couples can do to add a bit of extra pazazz to their relationship. I’m going to take you through some of the ones I enjoy, which are...

  • relationships

    Honesty, Communication and Trust

    Oct 12, 15 • 2395 Views • NEWS & BLOG, RELATIONSHIPSNo Comments

    by Celinka Serre – Binky Productions  Honesty. Communication. Trust. Seems easy enough when you think about it, but it isn’t that simple when it comes to applying it. After 4 years with my husband, we are still learning to communicate to each other....

  • Four tips when engaged

    So he put a ring on it… now what?

    Aug 14, 14 • 2613 Views • GALLERY, GIRL POWER, RELATIONSHIPSNo Comments

    So he put a ring on it, now what? FOUR tips for those who are engaged. 1-    Happily ever after doesn’t happen just because you said yes. This is where the real work begins. Why? Because now the arguments are no longer about sharing closet space or...

  • Fall


    Sep 21, 13 • 2600 Views • NEWS & BLOG, RELATIONSHIPSNo Comments

    The leaves had begun to fall When for each other our hearts had also fallen Your words were sweet and your kisses sweeter The ruffled sound of our steps in the leaves Became scrunchy footsteps in the snow The howling wind outside your window became a lullaby...

  • Image: Image: Stock representation of couple

    Divorced in my 20s- Interview

    Aug 27, 13 • 4092 Views • RELATIONSHIPSNo Comments

    … When I heard from Michelle again we were in our twenties; she was getting married and had a little baby girl.   She was ready to live a life she’d dreamed of: not one of extravagance, like one might think, but of simplicity.   She would have a...

  • expectations

    Expectations: Relationship Killer

    Jun 27, 13 • 2700 Views • RELATIONSHIPSNo Comments

    A lot of us confuse expectations with standards when it comes to relationships. A standard for the life partner you are looking for is a fact. It is a norm used to measure the quality of the type of relationship you chose to have in your life. Expectations on...

  • The-List

    The List

    Jun 16, 13 • 3628 Views • RELATIONSHIPS2 Comments

    Oh that infamous list you’ve been holding on to since you were 15 years old. You know that list like the back of your hand. All the requirements, the characteristics, the personality traits and much more that your Mr. Right must have.  If only you knew...

  • household-chores

    To Clean or not to Clean

    Jun 4, 13 • 3701 Views • GIRL POWER, RELATIONSHIPSNo Comments

      This weekend the Globe and Mail caught my eye with a catchy front page; Feminism’s Final Frontier. So of course I felt compelled to find out about this final frontier and most importantly, if I had crossed it or not. To my surprise, there was no...

  • woman_in_love3_by_Fort_o


    Apr 8, 13 • 5395 Views • RELATIONSHIPS1 Comment

    10 Questions…  you should ask yourself before getting into a relationship   So, you think you’re ready to begin a new relationship, but you want to be sure before you start prowling the cities’ streets for a potential mate.  Here are some...