Four cool Montreal bands to discover

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Usually we at Collectively Beautiful are all about girl power but today we wanted to do a special feature on local Montreal bands you should know about. Why? Well its simple, for men and women the most important things to survive as an artist is passion and dedication. Its tough out there for a musician. With the industry being so saturated, we thought why not support some of our favourite local musicians. Back in 2005 there was quite a bit of hype about Montreal being the “hot” spot for new Musical talent. However just because the NY Times and Rolling Stone magazine aren’t mentioning our amazing city anymore, it doesn’t mean that the city stopped producing some amazing bands. Montreal is musically rich and here are some amazing indie bands you should get to know.

MIRETheir sound is hypnotizing and the lyrics are thought provoking.

JP MIREThis progressive metal band  is definitely on the rise with their brand new debut album Inward/Outward set for a March 2014 release. The eclectic band is composed of J.P. Lachapelle, Dave Massicotte, Stephane Boileau, Bruno Chouinard and Robie O’Brian. Their experience and education ranging from serving in Afghanistan to cognitive science,  jazz and math gives this band an interesting approach to music. The songs usually contain slow built ups and philosophical lyrics. With two major festivals, National competition wins and a MusicPlus feature coming up on february 28th, it seems like this success story is only getting started. 2014 promises to be a very big year for these guys.


Mire Facebook Page


Surface of Atlantic - Their sound creates a picture and targets your emotions. Each song is very different from one another.Surface Atlantic

Surface of Atlantic is composed of Dave Douville, François Graham, François Chabot, Marco Gervais & Marc-André Landry. This band’s beginnings date back to 2004 and my guess is, they wont disappear anytime soon. Their blend of folk, cinematic ambiances and indie rock gives them a unique sound, so much so that it was featured in the movie “J’ai tué ma Mere (I killed my mother)” produced by Xavier Dolan. This movie by the way, won three awards at the prestigious Cannes film festival of 2009. Word through the blogger grapevine is that they are working on their third album and we hope it’s true.


Surface of Atlantic Facebook


SoulvationThey are a versatile band that can play all your favourite jams, from Stevie Wonder to Alicia Keys.


If you’re looking for a more soulful and sing-along sound, you’ll definitely find it by watching the band Soulvation on stage. The passionate band members are Shaharah Sinclair, Clifford Schwartz, Paul Lizzi and Greg Provo. This band specializes in doing covers of all your favourite songs. Lead singer Shaharah parallels most of today’s R&B singers and once she starts dancing, you’ll most likely get on your feet and do the same. This charismatic group of musicians each have solo musical projects going on and the success of their band for you to keep an eye out for in 2014.

Soulvation Facebook

Youtube video performance


franklin-electricThe Franklin Electric - This band is all about instrumentals and catchy tunes.

This collective band led by Jon Matte released their debut album less than a year ago and have since turned quite a few heads. There is something simply charming about the musical ensemble…it might be the trumpet, I’m not sure. Whatever it is, you most likely will still be humming “This is How I Let You Down” after hearing it just once. Recently the band has re recorded their hits “17″ and “This is How I Let You Down” with a small size orchestra. If you haven’t heard them yet, the band will be touring quite a bit this year so stay tuned to their website for dates and locations.


Franklin Electric Facebook



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