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Beauty at Home – Be beautiful your way!

by Celinka Serre – Binky Productions


I’m really excited to talk about DIY beauty products and the various ways that work for different skin types and that don’t cost much at all. Some of these products are found in your kitchen, others you will have to mix up together to get a usable product. But they are all great ways to take care of your skin and body without paying a lot of money.

When you shop at the pharmacy, you will find that most beauty products are VERY expensive. And then, they also have allergenic ingredients, such as perfume in face cream. Lactic acid is a popular ingredient and if you’re intolerant to dairy (lactose or protein) then you must avoid dairy derived lactic acid. I know I do. Too much lactic acid can cause candida. Not fun!

So, first off, let’s talk about having fair and a unified skin tone, on your face as much as on your hands. The method? Lemon. I do this every three or four months for ten days in a row. I use a slice of lemon and rub it on my face, everywhere. Near the eyes, I use my fingers so the juice of the lemon can go where I usually have puffy and dark circles, but it’s not too close to my eyes per se. You can do this on your hands too. Leave the lemon there for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing. It may make your skin feel a bit dryer for those few days, but the result is amazing. My skin tone is unified, no more blotchiness or redness, puffy and dark circles also are reduced significantly, I look more alert and altogether healthier.


You can also use lemon in your hair if you wish to have naturally streaked highlights. It takes a lot more lemon juice of course, and you must go out in the sun with your hair wet with lemon juice for about 15 to 20 minutes. Results will vary depending on how much lemon juice you used and on your hair type and colour.


Another product I like to use that is very natural, and this for my teeth is Activated Charcoal. You know that capsule you can take when you have a stomach ache or headache caused by something you ate or drank? Well Activated, or Vegetable, Charcoal can be used to whiten your teeth. Traditional teeth whiteners are very harsh, cause sensitivity, and have even caused gingivitis because of that sensitivity. If you have fillings, it will cause even more sensitivity, to the tooth itself, not just to the gums. To use Activated Charcoal, simply open up a capsule in a little bowl, add a few drops of water (you want it to look like a thick paste). Optionally, you can add a bit of baking soda. I do it once every few days when whitening. Brush the pasty mixture onto your teeth with your toothbrush and leave it there for about 5 minutes only. I keep on a big clowny smile so that my saliva doesn’t remove any of the charcoal paste. Then brush your teeth as usual. When I do a whitening, I do that once or twice a day, again for ten days in a row. The results are surprising and my gums and teeth are happy, as there is no sensitivity.


There exists a line of natural face oils to moisturize your skin. New Roots is a good brand, but the oils are pricey. I have tried several of their oils but have not found one that soaks into my skin properly. I am currently in the process of using, and therefore testing, baby oil, unscented. So far so good, but I have to wipe the excess oil that does not soak in right away after about 5 minutes. I’ll still try some of the other oils I’ve heard that are good, like coconut oil.

Alternately, you can mix up a few simple ingredients to make face cream and eye cream at home. Coconut oil is a popular ingredient for these recipes. If you want it scented, you can add essential oils to the mix. And if you prefer unscented, then plain works just as well.


I like to consult a website called ‘’ A Real Food Lover ’’ where I can find a nice range of DIY beauty products, from lip balm, to anti-wrinkle eye cream, to hair spray (which typically consists of boiling water and sugar). Recipes like the ones found on the site are highly beneficial to your skin and body, since you are putting ingredients that are healthy, natural, good for you, without any of the other ingredients found in the usual brands of beauty products. The ingredient list is typically a long one with ingredients made in a laboratory that none of us really know what they truly are.

Honestly, visit the website, it’s awesome. At least to me it is. There are over a dozen DIY beauty products, dubbed ‘’Homemade Hippie Beauty Products.’’


The two ingredients I’m experimenting with and looking more into at the moment are, as mentioned above, Coconut oil, and also Argan oil. I use that on my scalp and in my hair. I’ve put Argan oil on my head and then washed my hair after 20 minutes. I also use a lot of Tea Tree oil on my scalp. It’s good for dry and itchy scalp. With Tea Tree oil, I dilute it sometimes, and leave it on several hours before washing. I’m providing the links of lists of benefits of these three oils for your perusal.

Coconut oil uses and benefits:

Argan oil uses and benefits:

Tea Tree oil uses and benefits:

Be beautiful AND healthy!

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