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How To Recognize True Love

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Written by Celinka Serre

There comes a time when everyone wonders if they have found their one true love, their soul

mate. This is a normal phase for any serious relationship and it will come at different times for

different people.

I have been in relationships where I THOUGHT I was in love, but then realized it was either fear,

attachment, comfort, friendship, lust, until I met the man who is now my husband. So let me take

you through some things I’ve experienced and also learned, that have helped me know for sure

that my husband is my one true love.

FEAR VS LOVE: There are two most dominant emotions that humans experience: Fear and

Love. Love is the most powerful. Fear can sometimes be mistaken for love. This can happen

especially if there is a lack of something within the relationship or if the one experiencing fear is

being mistreated. If you feel there is a lack, then it’s certainly not love. But if you feel fulfilled, then

chances are it could be love. Worries are normal, some past experiences can create great fear

within us. Breaking the ice for the first time to speak of these fears can seem like an

insurmountable task, but once it’s done, watch for how your partner reacts. Many people will have

their own fears triggered from hearing another’s fears. If they show you understanding and in turn

express their own fear or how your fears makes them feel, the fact that they are taking the time to

express all this is a good sign that maybe you found your soulmate. Watch for this within yourself

too. Feel out how you react to your partner. You’ll know you feel love if you are compelled to

express and listen and show understanding and reciprocate this openness and transparency.

MAGNETISM: When I met my husband for the first time, we were instantly drawn together, like

magnets. Oh, we weren’t trying to hook up at the time, but we kept going back to each other to

converse together and just be in each other’s presence. That’s a clear sign. We also both felt we had

known each other for a long time, without ever speaking to each other before then. If you feel

you’ve known someone, maybe your soul has. If you feel compelled to be in that person’s

presence, and feel good when you are around that person, chances are, you are feeling love. In

addition, you know you’re with the right person if they generate energy for you, meaning that you

don’t feel drained, but revitalize. They give you energy and you give them energy. This is usually

what draws people together, the energy that is generated when they are together.

ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT: When two people are truly in love, there is not only

understanding, but a complete acceptance of the other person. You will respect your partner and

they will respect you totally. No one will try to change anyone. Change comes naturally, not forcefully, as two

people evolve together. If you begin your journey and look upon the other person as perfect

despite their flaws, then you accept them as they are, for who they are. When you can respect

your partner completely, then you probably feel love towards them.

TRUST: When you communicate honestly with someone (I wrote a bit about this a while

back) it builds trust. Trust is very important in a relationship and in recognizing if you truly love

someone. If you find yourself trying to control them, then it usually means there is a lack of trust, at

least that’s how it was for me in one of my relationships. Lack of communication, lack of honesty,

equals a lack of trust. When you are truly in love, honesty comes easily and therefore trust comes

easily. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be times when that trust is challenged, but honesty

usually comes into play to help those learning moments of your relationship.

EFFORTLESS EFFORT: Every relationship takes “effort”, but I don’t like that word. It’s not that

you need to try harder or study a lot to get it right. There will be times of friction because everyone

comes from different walks of life, people may over react because we don’t always have a handle

on our emotions. A relationship needs tender care. So this is where “effort” comes in. However,

when you are with the right person and you truly love them, this “effort” isn’t really “effort”. It

comes naturally and is ultimately effortless. You barely have to think about it. If you’re able to work

on your relationship and work through your frictions and differences and learn to be with each

other, communicate to each other and live in each other’s space, then you are making those

so-called “efforts”, and when it isn’t forced, if it feels right.

ORGASMIC ENERGIES: What do I mean when I say orgasmic energies? Well, what I

experience, and what a lot of people have described to me who have found their one true love, is

an intense energy between us and our partner. You know those butterflies you get in your

stomach when you kiss someone for the first time. Imagine those butterflies are dragons, and you

feel them in your entire body. Yes, your entire body! I say orgasmic because if you can feel the

other person, feel their energy and feel elated without even being sensually intimate, but by simply

being in each other’s arms, chances are, this person is your one true love.

SILLINESS: A lot of people have this idea that love is serious. They couldn’t be farther from the

truth. You need to be yourself around that person because you’re going to be spending the rest of

your life with them. You need to laugh together. You need to be comfortable to, let’s face it, talk

about bodily functions. That is indeed part of it. Some of you might be cringing, but if you’re still

turned on by your partner even if he or she passes gas, trust me, that’s a good sign. If you can

make silly faces, silly sounds, talk to each other in strange ways, monkey around, and be so weird

together that a stranger might look upon you and wonder what drug you are on, chances are, you

are with your one true love. Do not underestimate the silliness. And remember that silliness

happens at the most unexpected moments, including during serious moments. It’s silly to

say that when you can be silly together, your relationship has become a serious relationship.

Once the “honeymoon” phase is over, you will feel light as though that “honeymoon” phase is still

ongoing. And if you are at that stage in your relationship where you are wondering if you should

take it to the next level, if you truly love this person, then this article will merely confirm what you

already know deep within your heart.


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