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Marcelle Cosmetic: Beauty Without Compromise

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I was already pretty flattered to be invited as one of the selected few to the Marcelle Women event at Le Crystal Hotel but my excitement doubled when I found out the motivation behind this beauty event. For the first time ever Marcelle targeted non-Caucasian women when they created their new product, Ideal Skin Perfector. Isabel Picard, PR Manager at Marcelle, explained to me that “the concept was to formulate a skincare base which would be suitable for women of all ages, all skin types and any carnation; a product to perfect and correct the appearance of uneven skin tone, darks spots, pores and fine lines.” Marcelle event- 3Marcelle-skinperfector  

As a woman of colour, I too often find that companies, whether in makeup or skin care, forget about us and all the beautiful shades we come in. So I was pretty happy to hear about this initiative and the fact that the guests at the event included such a divers group of influential women. It was a lovely event with, h’ors d’oeuvres, open bar and hosted by actress Karine Vanasse.

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The generous people at Marcelle sent me a few items including the Ideal Skin protector and I can confirm to you all, as someone with sensitive skin, I have had zero irritations. The products are great and actually feel gentle, even the soap! I know everyone claims to have sensitive skin but seriously mine ranges from eczema to photosensitivity, so the fact that I can use these products is pretty awesome. I particularly enjoyed the Lux Gloss. It has got to be the most lasting gloss I’ve ever had. As I write this article, I’m realizing that I’ve had it on for about 6 hrs. The gloss is gone but the colour remains and still no allergic reactions (I have given away many newly purchased glosses and lipsticks due to bad reactions)!

Marcelle 6 Marcelle 7 marcelle_lux_gloss






Ok enough about me, try the products for yourself and let me know what you think. Their products are sensitive, hypo allergenic and perfume free so enjoy ;)

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