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Simple NonTraditional Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship


There are a number of things couples can do to add a bit of extra pazazz to their relationship. I’m

going to take you through some of the ones I enjoy, which are nontraditional, yet simple and


ROMANTIC WALKS: It’s as simple as it sounds. Going for a walk together, holding hands, can be a great

way to reconnect and talk about your day, everything that happened, who was gossiping about

whom and what happened at work, etc. It’s important that you turn off your phones for this walk. My

husband and I usually leave ours at home. This walk can be a short one if energy is low, or it can

be one that lasts half an hour. Disconnecting from routine and everyday things in order to

reconnect to each other can bring so much fulfillment to your relationship.

MEDITATION: Whether it’s full on meditation with candles and incense or Yoga with some

meditation; a form of relaxation can be amazing, especially when tensions have been running

high. Solo meditation has a lot of benefits, but doing meditation as a couple can allow two people to

connect emotionally and energetically. I’m linking a wonderful guide to Tantric Pair Meditation on

TheNewYoga.org: http://www.thenewyoga.org/pair_med.htm

TAKING A BATH TOGETHER: You don’t have to throw petals into the water and you don’t have to light candles if

you don’t want to, although adding essential oils to your water can be a great way to give spa-type

aroma therapy. My husband and I get all our essential oils from Zayat Aroma. They create their own

combinations, some of which are greatly beneficial to the body and not just the mind. They also

have a Gel Douche that acts as a bubble bath, which is totally unscented to which you can add

drops of essential oil so that the oils don’t dissipate too quickly in the water and don’t create oil

bubbles. Relaxing in a bath with your partner creates an intimate moment, yet it isn’t necessarily

sexual. If you’re looking for ways to be sensual without being physical about it (because let’s face

it, sometimes we just don’t have the physical energy to engage in those activities), this activity creates a

feeling of intimacy and satisfaction in the body. And if you ARE looking for ways to be intimate physically, this is a

relaxing way to lead to more physical activities. It really is the best for both needs.


DECORATING: Sometimes we feel our lives have become bland. We wake up and look at the

same old walls. Well, redecorating can be a great way to change things up a bit and a fun activity

to do together. Paint a wall, or buy a new piece of furniture, move a few things around or plan out

some Feng Shui options. Alternately, doing some crafts and arts together can be fun and crafting small

items that you can add to your decor can change the look quite a bit. You will both be filled with a

sense of accomplishment and feel things have livened up a bit around the house.

GARDENING: Not everyone enjoys having their hands in dirt, but while one mows the lawn, the

other can tend to some flowers. Alternately, you can have a vegetable garden instead of a flower

garden, this way you not only care for your garden together, but you can also step right outside into

your yard to grab some fresh veggies to cook for you next meal together. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s

very grounding, especially if you have your hands directly in the earth. Being grounded is

important for energy to flow properly within your body. When energy flows, you have better ease

communicating and understanding other people. So when both people who are in a romantic

relationship take part in earthly activities that ground them, it enhances their connection and the

quality of their communications.

GAMES: How fun are games! If you’re used to playing card games all the time, try an arcade

perhaps. If you’re used to playing video games, try some tabletop game. It’s been ages since I did

one of those. There are dozens of games (video, tabletop, card, arcade, etc.) that require two

people and that can make things fun and different. When we play games, we let go of stress,

joke around and just have fun. The enjoyment of one another, especially after a day or week of

routine and hard work, adds so much amusement and when you’re amused, your vibrational

frequency goes up; when your vibrational frequency goes up, you feel good, happy and in love. A

game my husband and I particularly enjoy is Love Letter, where the goal is to get your letter to the

Princess and you receive “tokens of affection”. It’s a simple game with cards and a fun one for the

whole family too.


LOVE LETTERS: So following our little game, another great way to add spice to a relationship is

to write letters to each other. It’s fun and you’re never too old to write to your partner. It’s

something we don’t do often, but we enjoy leaving notes around the house for each other. When

we write letters, we do it the old fashioned way, pen and paper. You can even go more old than

that and use a quill and parchment scroll. Whatever tickles your fancy, really. When my husband

and I first started dating, I wrote a short story that I shared with him and he wrote me an elaborate

poem. Creativity can take you to many places. Writing is great and reading what the other has

written is fulfilling after all that anticipation. Don’t hold back and don’t be shy to draw as well. Little

stick figure drawing can be very expressive when accompanying lovey dovey notes.


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