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Her real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts but we all know her as Barbie. Just Barbie. This diva doesn’t even need to use her full name, she’s that kind of famous. But before you start judging her and her extravagant lifestyle, can we pause and take a moment to acknowledge that this woman is about to turn 57 years old this March? Plastic surgery at its finest.

Like most women in the spot light, Barbie has been criticized endlessly throughout her career. The criticism ranged in topics from her body to her hobbies and numerous controversies regarding her not being a good role model have persisted over the years. Did you know that she was even banned from a few countries? Thankfully, no challenge thrown at her was too big to stop her. She has carried on to have the most impressively diverse career I’ve ever seen, from being an astronaut to being a Nascar driver. She may have made a few mistakes along the way but which one of us hasn’t? As a fellow woman involved in empowering women and showing them that you can be and do anything you want, I say well done Barbie. Well done.

So you can imagine how overjoyed I was when I received an invitation from Rev Communication to attend the Barbie Expo. I had the pleasure of walking the pink carpet, sipping wine while admiring Barbie’s most fashionable moments.


The Barbie Exposition located in downtown Montreal’s Cours Mont-Royal is the largest permanent exhibit of haute couture Barbie dolls in the world. There you will find Barbie representing various countries, cultures and trends through fashion. Not Madonna, Mariah Carey nor Kim Kardashian has ever had this many world renowned designers such as Zac Posen, Versace, Givenchy, Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang,  to name a few; vying to dress them. 

If you haven’t gone to see this exhibit yet, go now. You have no excuse, the admission is free and its right downtown. It. is. absolutely. fabulous.


Special Thank you to Tuti Do of REV Communication

Photo Credit: REV Communication

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