The Women of Couch Talk

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I have always loved meeting new and interesting people, particularly women. I’ve been intrigued with the “Super Woman” ideology of the modern woman. Can we really have it all?

So far, I have interviewed about 25 women for my talk show Couch Talk and many of them had quite a few things in common. Here are some of the 5 top characteristics I’ve observed:

1-    Adventurous: This was definitely a top one. Being adventurous embodies other characteristics such as courage, risk taking and adaptability. These women chose to get out of their comfort zone and take paths that they knew would not necessarily be easy. The life of an entrepreneur can often be unpredictable, so the ability to not only embrace change but to also thrive in it is a valuable attribute. Most of these women were willing to embark on this adventure by making sacrifices and taking risks on the road to their definition of success.

2-    Optimistic: You can’t knock these ladies off their high heels easily. Their positive outlook on life keeps them motivated to keep pushing forward. This optimistic perspective not only helps them turn a negative into a positive, it also allows them to recognize an opportunity. They perceive positive outcomes, advantages, and potentials in situations where most people perceive problems, disadvantages and headaches. Dwelling on the negative is a sure-fire way of missing incredible opportunities.

3-    Ambitious: For these women, surviving and living are two very different things. These women want to live life to the fullest and be able to obtain the finer things in life. To do so, they are very goal oriented and when they reach one goal, they are already planning their next move. Being average is overrated and these women know that there is always a way to be and do better.

4-    Persistent: These ladies just don’t give up. All of them at one point or another had to face critics, opposition and setbacks but they kept pushing towards their goal anyway. Persistence is a reoccurring subject in many self-help books because this is what differentiates doers from talkers. Where most people would give up, it takes a special kind of person to keep working towards a dream.

5-    Caring: I found that for many of these women, the driving force and source of inspiration is their families. Even for those who didn’t have kids, they expressed the need of wanting to provide the best for their future children. One woman in particular stood out in my mind because her love of children in general is the passion reflected throughout her career. These women work hard and they love hard. That mama bear instinct to care and provide for the people they love is what makes those ladies bosses. Mess with these women’s livelihood and you will definitely regret it.

Be sure to watch these adventurous, optimistic, ambitious, persistent, and caring women talk about their success and aspirations on COUCH TALK, set to air on Bell local- channel 1217 on Fibe.

Special Thank you to: Drea Wheeler, Ariane Kamba, Lisa Noto, Tatiana Londono, Anna Liani, Marnie Grundman, Nalie Augustin, Alison Roberts, Monique Weston, Corinne Asseraf, Priya Chopra, Vero Banville, Caroline Codsi, Marie-Louise Aube, Melanie Miriam Vileneuve, Shaharah Sinclair, Marina Love, Talisa Aguilar, Saman Ahsan and Jasmine aka Jazz Yoga.

Is there a strong and enterprising woman you know who would be a good candidate for Couch Talk? We would love to hear more from you! Contact us at MsCharles@collectivelybeautiful.com

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