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Ladies, you know how seeing a guy in a nice sharp suit is totally sexy? Well, the same goes for women. Dressing for business doesn’t have to be a synonym for boring! Put your diva foot forward, in heels of course, and dare to be corporate sexy! Discover your style by taking chances while remaining professional.


First things first, let’s start with two basics:

Outfit 1Always accessorize! Accessories can easily upgrade your outfit from good to great. Different colours, textures, lengths and so on are all good choices for earrings and necklaces. Be careful of accessories that are too bulky, especially if they are colourful, as those can easily take your outfit over the top. The way to avoid this problem is to balance your accessories. For example the more extravagant the earrings the more delicate the necklace should be. Big earring or long ones (especially feathered ones) usually require no necklace at all. If you’re more of a minimalist kind of gal, a nice big watch and small studs earrings (gold, pearl or diamond studs) does the trick. I must say one should always try to wear a watch; it is more professional to look at the time on your watch then to check it on your cell phone because your boss doesn’t know whether you’re checking the time or your text messages.


Outfit 2Another must have, is a blazer. In the summer, don’t be afraid to wear colourful blazers. However whatever the colour of the blazer and the time of year, never wear a shirt underneath it that is the same exact colour, especially if the colour is bright. An exception to this rule is black on black and possibly white on white. In the winter, the colour scheme for blazers is a bit limited but they can always be paired up with other brighter colours. In your closet you should have at least one “boy” cut blazer and one “fitted” blazer but don’t limit yourself, there are many blazers with different cuts.

Outfit 3 Outfit 4Ok, so with these basics the rest is just a game of mix and match. A really great match that most people don’t think of is the little summer dress with a blazer. Besides not having to put all your dresses away at the end of summer, it’s a fun way to brighten up your winter wardrobe. Bold colour dresses, earth tones and even pastel colours can be tastefully paired up with dark coloured blazers.

A personal favourite of mine are pencil skirts. I find them really sexy and professional. I used to be more a pants kind-of-gal until I saw The Proposal and how hot and powerful Sandra Bullocks looked in those skirts. They always give a sophisticated look whether it’s paired up with a blouse or a shirt. Beware; long pencil skirts are not particularly flattering for short legs and in my opinion they should be worn with high heels only. Pencil skirts are also better matched with fitted blazers, not the “boy” cut. Outfit 5 Outfit 6



Many of us do prefer wearing pants and thankfully there are many choices for all styles. In my opinion, the most tasteful business cut for pants is the straight leg. Skinny cuts is in style nowadays but should be worn with long shirts or blazers to cover your derriere. As for tight spandex pants, well they simply do not belong in the corporate work place and for some people, depending on the body type, these items should just be avoided in general.

That being said, these suggestions depend on your office’s dress code, body type and most importantly your personal style. When dressing for work, don’t be afraid to express yourself and show personality, however keep in mind that your co-workers, your boss and your clients will judge you based on your appearance.  You can choose not to care no matter what the out come, which is fine, but if you do care, consider what image you want to put forward in your career.

Be sexy, be strong, be you.

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