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Using Argan Oil To Repair Dry and Damaged Hair

Written by Celinka Serre

Hair can sometimes be difficult to manage. Usually the main reason for untamed hair is damage and dryness. The main causes of this are breakage and split ends, bleach and dye, and dryness or Winter damage, as we like to call it. So how can you fix that and make your hair beautiful, strong, soft and easy to manage? Here are several tips to get your hair back into shape.

ARGAN OIL: I’m going to be referring to certain products, most of them containing Argan Oil. What Argan Oil does, as opposed to other oils, is instead of coating the hair, it penetrates the hair and moisturizes from the inside. I use Argan Oil all the time, and my hair was not so long ago, extremely dry. I sometimes will put the pure oil directly on my hair, the most dry parts and leave it there a while before washing. Argan Oil also helps maintain colour in your hair, naturally. There are many Argan Oil products on the market, but the best I found were the Live Clean shampoo and conditioner. I like to wash with the Apple Cider shampoo, and I will alternate with the company’s Pink Fire conditioner (for coloured hair), but I finish, all the time, with the Argan Oil conditioner.  Which leads me to the next tip.­

WASHING PROCESS: There is a method to washing your hair that will optimize healthy and soft hair. The first trick is to wash with cool or mildly warm water. Next, I put conditioner on the ends of my hair and about halfway up. Then I shampoo a first time. I repeat the process. Then I do a final conditioning on the whole hair, not always touching the scalp, at times only the bottom half. I leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it out.  When I’m done, I apply a mask cream, or more conditioner, on the bottom parts and most damaged parts of my hair, again using an Argan Oil conditioner or cream. I leave that in for about five minutes before rinsing it gently with cool water, until the cream is gone, but not too much that the moisture is gone. At worst, you may have hints of residue in your hair, but your hair will drink that up as it dries, so no need to go crazy in the rinsing process.

AIR DRY AND AVOID HEAT: So when you dry your hair, ring it out gently and towel dry it a bit.  Don’t rub with the towel since the fabric can further damage your hair. What I usually do is gently wrap my hair in the towel, twist and hold for under a minute and then untwist gently and remove the towel. This way you can let your hair air dry.  Blow drying hair, using a curling iron or a hair straightener, all damage the hair and dry the hair further. It cooks your hair. You can plan a head when going out so your hair has time to dry before hand. I curl my hair with curlers. I also use them to remove my natural waviness to straighten my hair a bit, as strange as that may seem.  There are a few ways to straighten hair without heat and tons of videos that show you exactly how, so you can choose the method you prefer.

NO ALCOHOL: Avoid at all costs, hair products that contain alcohol in the ingredients.  ALOT of products do. WhatI like about Live Clean as a brand is that their products contain little to no alcohol, mostly none at all. Alcohol as the last ingredient for a small percentage is fine, but some products go really heavy on the alcohol and that is no bueno. If you have to use heat, spray your hair AFTER only. Alcohol and spray products cook your hair if you use heat while the product is in your hair.Ever hear a sizzling sound while straightening or curling your hair?  Yeah, that’s a clear sign of hair being damaged or worse, dying.

 GIVE UP THE BRUSH: I have not brushed my hair in nearly six months and I have seen a great difference, especially when detangling my hair. The best way to detangle your hair is by using a comb that has big bristle and big spaces. Alternately, you can use a soft bristled “detangler” comb, a bit different in looks and style, but it gets the job done just as well.  Then you can comb your hair with another comb, with slightly smaller bristles and spaces. Don’t use the very fine combs, those are for coiffing and they won’t detangle any knots. What brushes do is create breakage. So a comb will help with that.

 REMOVE SPLIT ENDS: There are techniques to cutting off split ends without removing length, and this to remove split ends all long your hair, from top to bottom. Whether you plan on doing a self trim or visiting the hair dresser regularly, these techniques help in between trims. You can refer to Elle Bangs YouTube for some videos that demonstrate how to do this.

These steps should help you get your hair back to its full beauty.  Remember that once your hair is healthy again, you need to continue with the process, other wise your hair will get damages anew.

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