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Who is Cindy Charles?

I am a sister, a girlfriend, an aunt, a best friend, a daughter, a lover, a giver, a writer, an entrepreneur…I am and can be so many things.
In other words, like most women – I am beyond the boundaries of a single definition.
I am a taurus learning to use my horns to pave the way for myself and others.
I, Cindy, am the founder of Collectively Beautiful, which was conceived two years ago.
With perseverance, I am watching my dreams become my reality. Leaving behind all that was, all the imposed definitions of society and creating something undefined; that is the goal. Your dream is to be a model? Writer? Philanthropist? TV star?  All of the above? Collectively Beautiful wishes to bring out the star in every woman; show that you, yes you, can be anything and everything you want to be by connecting with your sisters (and misters), empowering one another and climbing that ladder to personal success step-by-step, hand-in-hand.
We go beyond the stereotypes and the social limits placed on women. This movement is meant as a support and “play-ground” for educated, strong, passionate women from all backgrounds. Collectively Beautiful is the platform where the world can meet these influential women, be inspired by them and join this phenomenal sorority-like social support – A virtual and physical world where women can educate and entertain. Events, shows, reviews, articles and advice are only the tip of the iceberg.
There’s a new way to feel Collectively Beautiful.

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