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  • expectations

    Expectations: Relationship Killer

    Jun 27, 13 • 3042 Views • RELATIONSHIPSNo Comments

    A lot of us confuse expectations with standards when it comes to relationships. A standard for the life partner you are looking for is a fact. It is a norm used to measure the quality of the type of relationship you chose to have in your life. Expectations on...

  • The-List

    The List

    Jun 16, 13 • 2164 Views • RELATIONSHIPSNo Comments

    Oh that infamous list you’ve been holding on to since you were 15 years old. You know that list like the back of your hand. All the requirements, the characteristics, the personality traits and much more that your Mr. Right must have.  If only you knew...

  • household-chores

    To Clean or not to Clean

    Jun 4, 13 • 1823 Views • GIRL POWER, RELATIONSHIPSNo Comments

      This weekend the Globe and Mail caught my eye with a catchy front page; Feminism’s Final Frontier. So of course I felt compelled to find out about this final frontier and most importantly, if I had crossed it or not. To my surprise, there was no...

  • woman_in_love3_by_Fort_o


    Apr 8, 13 • 2751 Views • RELATIONSHIPS1 Comment

    10 Questions…  you should ask yourself before getting into a relationship   So, you think you’re ready to begin a new relationship, but you want to be sure before you start prowling the cities’ streets for a potential mate.  Here are some...