DEAR 20′s

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Dear 20s


In this last year of dancing together, I can’t help but reminisce about these wondrous 29 years.  Oh how we danced. We danced to the beat of my heart and it took us on such a journey. I’ll never forget how you kept me on my toes with every unexpected turn. More importantly, I’ll never forget how with each passing year, you showed me something new about myself.

You my dear have been the kind of romance one can only dream of. You’ve made me cry, laugh, worry, hopeful and very thankful. You showed me what true love is and the different ways it can manifest itself. I’ll be honest though; there were times when I thought you cruel. There were times when you’ve made me feel lost, like a never-ending transition to the unknown. Remember those days when I wanted to forget you and go back to my first love, Teen? She was a fun one. Yet every time I was ready to give up and regress, you found a way to give me strength and resourcefulness that Teen could not have given me. I’m in a good place now Dear 20s. I will truly miss you when it’s over. You’ve prepared me for Ms. 30s and I hear she just doesn’t give a damn. I really look forward to her wisdom.

So I want to thank you. Thank you for allowing me to make mistakes and the courage to take risks. Thank you for all the wonderful lessons that I not only will carry forever, but will also tell my future daughters about. You are strong, beautiful, sensitive and stubborn. I promise to make this last year absolutely worthy being with you. I will push you to the limit, keep you up all night, make brand new mistakes, love, cry, love some more and grow.


Our compelling story is coming to an end…but I know, my fabulous caterpillar, that the rebirth will be that much more marvelous.


Ms Charles

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