Grace Kelly

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Today I had the great pleasure to go view the iconic Grace Kelly exposition at the McCord museum in downtown Montreal. Arriving to a red carpet (I think every entrance should have a red carpet), being greeted with my media pass and a lovely smile, chandeliers everywhere and being surrounded by beautiful outfits…I was on an absolute high! I would have stayed much longer and photographed every single fashionable item had I not been so fashionably late. Being this cool is a blessing and a curse! Ok, all jokes aside, the items being displayed were the outfits that have kept her as a leading trend-setter for decades and that alone was amazing to see.

At the risk of sounding mushy, I must tell you that what I love the most about Grace Kelly is how down to earth she was. Those who knew her described her as “unpretentious, natural, nice and serene”. To go from Philadelphia to being the Princess of Monaco is more than enough to make anyone’s ego swell, but somehow she remained humble. She was truly worthy of her name by being such a graceful lady.

Being a lady at all times is definitely a standard that this network, Collectively Beautiful, lives by. Fashionista,actress, royalty activist and mother, this woman wore many hats and they were all fabulous.

We definitely love her.

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