My Passion

Jun 26 • INSPIRATION, Uncategorized • 65371 Views • 1 Comment

Sleepless, restless

The unknown is just too known

And I cant sleep

And there’s no peace

Meditation cant tame my passion

Senseless, so stressed

To unwind I need more wine

And I cant eat

Im in too deep

Meditation cant tame my passion

Fearless, obsessed

When ideas become idols

I could be wrong

Denial so strong

Meditation cant tame my passion

Priceless, timeless

A legacy worth leaving

Even if I cant sleep

Even if I cant eat

And even if I’m wrong

I wont tame my passion

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One Response to My Passion

  1. Kevin says:

    Love this vibe Cindy Charles, passion is wild why tame it!!!

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