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    Thursday March 28th was the start of something grand. We don’t know how, we don’t know why – but we just felt it. In a room filled with the most soulfully beautiful people in the city; Montreal’s Peopl. Social Club never looked or sounded so good. The mission was simple: to bring to beat back, and KA MAGAZINE’s team truly made it out to be one to remember. Guests were stunning; inside and out – the people were happy and grooving to the music of Cafe Soul Ft. Alan Prater – a Special performance by Ashley King as well as Shaharah, not to mention tunes by Dj Toddy Flores. The night also featured door prizes to 8 lucky women – Alicia Keys tickets, La Marque Collection Leather jacket, Esther Morin Hollywood Facial, Sweetbox Candies and more. We have both photos and videos to make you feel badly about not being there! (just kidding) but if you were lucky enough to be there, these will keep the memory of good times alive. The good news is, Soul Collective Night Out is coming back, starting with the upcoming event on April 25th, 2013 – still time to bring on the funk. For a full selection of photos and videos, please visit

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    I used to watch the news and read the newspapers all the time. Part of what prompted this habit was probably one of my teacher in high school that said, “well educated and informed people read the news.” I believed her. Later on when I entered University, the same thought process carried me through classes such as Political Science and the United Nations. Then one semester, I took Human Rights & Atrocities.

    The discussions and documentaries in that class had became the cause of many arguments with friends. Not to mention the anxieties and sense of helplessness I often felt at the end of class. Such cases as the U.N’s delayed reaction in intervening in the Rwanda massacres and the outcome of that genocide had me staying up at night one too many times.

    I eventually finished the class and stayed away from any news altogether.

    Recently, while getting a manicure, I caught a glimpse of the news on the tv located behind my aesthetician. Between the Montreal protests, dismemberment in Mexico and the massacre in Syria, my mood had sunken to a new low for the day and I wondered if there was anything positive happening in the world that day.

    I’m tempted to side with the ideology of “ignorance is bliss” sometimes. In this individualistic society, aren’t we simply better equipped to be in the pursuit of our own personal happiness? What can one person do in a web of corruption? Staying away from constant desensitizing media does not mean that you can’t do good deeds on a small day-to-day level, right?

    On the other hand, isn’t being such an individualistic society part of what is wrong with the world in the first place? Maybe if we paid more attention to what is going on around us we could team up to help those in need? Knowledge is power, right? Then maybe we have to be well informed to have enough power to cause change. As a member of a community, society, of the human race even, isn’t it our moral duty to lookout for one another? Does closing your eyes to what is going on around you ultimately mean you’re turning your back on those less fortunate?

    What’s your reasoning?

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    What if humans were a bit more like puppies?

    Sure there are small disadvantages such as using a fire hydrant as a bathroom but what if? I have a friend that I often visit and I must admit one of the main attractions to going to her place is the amazing welcome I receive from her two little Yorkies. They are genuinely happy and excited to see me. The minute I get to the door, I hear them bark and before I know it, there’s a smile on my face. Dogs can’t fake it. There’s no baggage, no sarcasm and no drama. What if we were also such honest and happy creatures? Well, we can be. “The lens through which your brain views the world is what shapes your reality” so why not see the world a bit more like puppies do?

    Be excited about people who are good to you.

    Be loyal to those who look out for you.

    Be affectionate…Licking is optional.

    Go for a run or a walk everyday.

    Eat well.

    Drink lots of water.

    Be in touch with your emotions.

    Find joy in the simple things.

    Protect the people you love.



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    10 Questions… 

    you should ask yourself before getting into a relationship


    So, you think you’re ready to begin a new relationship, but you want to be sure before you start prowling the cities’ streets for a potential mate.  Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out if you’re really ready for your next relationship:


    1. Am I happy with myself?

    We’ve all heard the saying before, “If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?”  And that’s true, but it also goes deeper than that.  If you’re constantly looking outward for acceptance, love, and appreciation, you’ll always fall short and the disappointment will ruin the relationship.  Before you commit to loving someone else, learn to love yourself.


    2. Am I over my ex?

    It’s important to make sure that you’ve dealt with any issues that may still be plaguing you from your previous relationships before you move onto a new one.  While it’s okay to compare your current relationship to your previous one, it’s not a good idea to take old baggage into a new relationship with you.


    3. How do I feel about starting a new relationship?

    Are you nervous, afraid, paranoid, and cautious?  Or are you excited, positive, eager and optimistic?  This may seem like a no-brainer, but we can easily be swayed by the distraction of loneliness and forget entirely about how we’re really feeling.  If you don’t feel 100% ready then give yourself a little more time.  In the end the waiting will be worth it.


    4. Do I know myself well enough?

    Between school, friends, family and work, have you really given yourself enough time to know yourself as an adult?  We can change so dramatically from the person we were in high school without even realizing it.  Try to spend some quality time with your real #1 – you!  Read, meditate, write, and/or go for a walk.  The better you get to know yourself, the more you can bring to your next relationship.


    5.  What do I want from my next relationship?

    Give it some serious thought.  Do you want something serious or just for fun?  Do you want to maintain your individuality or do you want someone who can spend a lot of time with you? What kind of your person you would like as a partner? What mistakes you don’t want to repeat again in your next relationship and so on. The more you know about what you want, the easier it’s going to be for you to choose your next partner.


    6. Do I have realistic expectations?

    We’d all love to have one of those sweep-me-off-my-feet kinds of romances, but life doesn’t always work that way.  Now, that’s not to say that you should have low expectations, but keep them in check.  Talk about your expectations with a friend who you respect and know will be honest and upfront with you; this should help you decide if your expectations are normal or based on Disney fairy tales.


    7. Can I commit to a relationship?

    Do you have the time, energy, and desire to commit fully to a relationship?  If your work, school, or social schedule doesn’t leave enough time to invest in beginning a new relationship, you might want to wait until life slows down a bit so that you can really commit to the time it takes to build a relationship. Also, if you know you need to focus on your career or project of some sort, you might want to avoid the distraction of starting a new relationship. Being on cloud nine can get overwhelming. Or, if you just don’t feel the desire to start a new relationship – don’t.  The ball is in your court and your next relationship should be on your terms.


    8. Is what I’m feeling real? 

    It’s easy to be swept up in the lust, infatuation, and excitement of a potentially new relationship, but these things don’t necessarily equate relationship material.  Try to objectively analyze the situation; if you think you might just be going along with it because you’re impatient, or you’re recovering from your last relationship – wait it out.  Give yourself some extra time to find the real deal; again, it will be worth it in the end.


    9. Is my potential partner compatible with me?

    So, you’ve been on a couple of dates with the guy, but what drew you to him might not be enough to make it work.  Make sure your values, ethics, and morals align – these are the most important things, because if you disagree on an ethical or moral level, then one of you will inevitably have to lower their moral standards to accommodate the other.   Although you don’t need to be identical, having common interests or activities that you both enjoy will add substance to the relationship.


    10. What are my boundaries emotionally, personally, and intimately?

    We all have our limits.  Some of us don’t like getting too physical too soon, while others don’t want to open up about their lives, and others still don’t like to give away too much about our emotions or psyche.  Whatever it is, stick to them and be honest and open with a potential partner about it.  If you’re both up for the challenge then you’ll have already forged a great start by opening up the channels for communication.


    Be honest with yourself and take your time.  There’s no need to rush into a relationship, no matter how long it’s been since your last one.  Take time for you and you’ll be glad you did because people will learn to love you the way you love yourself.


    Written by : Allison Mason

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    DEAR 20′s

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    Dear 20s


    In this last year of dancing together, I can’t help but reminisce about these wondrous 29 years.  Oh how we danced. We danced to the beat of my heart and it took us on such a journey. I’ll never forget how you kept me on my toes with every unexpected turn. More importantly, I’ll never forget how with each passing year, you showed me something new about myself.

    You my dear have been the kind of romance one can only dream of. You’ve made me cry, laugh, worry, hopeful and very thankful. You showed me what true love is and the different ways it can manifest itself. I’ll be honest though; there were times when I thought you cruel. There were times when you’ve made me feel lost, like a never-ending transition to the unknown. Remember those days when I wanted to forget you and go back to my first love, Teen? She was a fun one. Yet every time I was ready to give up and regress, you found a way to give me strength and resourcefulness that Teen could not have given me. I’m in a good place now Dear 20s. I will truly miss you when it’s over. You’ve prepared me for Ms. 30s and I hear she just doesn’t give a damn. I really look forward to her wisdom.

    So I want to thank you. Thank you for allowing me to make mistakes and the courage to take risks. Thank you for all the wonderful lessons that I not only will carry forever, but will also tell my future daughters about. You are strong, beautiful, sensitive and stubborn. I promise to make this last year absolutely worthy being with you. I will push you to the limit, keep you up all night, make brand new mistakes, love, cry, love some more and grow.


    Our compelling story is coming to an end…but I know, my fabulous caterpillar, that the rebirth will be that much more marvelous.


    Ms Charles

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