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I used to watch the news and read the newspapers all the time. Part of what prompted this habit was probably one of my teacher in high school that said, “well educated and informed people read the news.” I believed her. Later on when I entered University, the same thought process carried me through classes such as Political Science and the United Nations. Then one semester, I took Human Rights & Atrocities.

The discussions and documentaries in that class had became the cause of many arguments with friends. Not to mention the anxieties and sense of helplessness I often felt at the end of class. Such cases as the U.N’s delayed reaction in intervening in the Rwanda massacres and the outcome of that genocide had me staying up at night one too many times.

I eventually finished the class and stayed away from any news altogether.

Recently, while getting a manicure, I caught a glimpse of the news on the tv located behind my aesthetician. Between the Montreal protests, dismemberment in Mexico and the massacre in Syria, my mood had sunken to a new low for the day and I wondered if there was anything positive happening in the world that day.

I’m tempted to side with the ideology of “ignorance is bliss” sometimes. In this individualistic society, aren’t we simply better equipped to be in the pursuit of our own personal happiness? What can one person do in a web of corruption? Staying away from constant desensitizing media does not mean that you can’t do good deeds on a small day-to-day level, right?

On the other hand, isn’t being such an individualistic society part of what is wrong with the world in the first place? Maybe if we paid more attention to what is going on around us we could team up to help those in need? Knowledge is power, right? Then maybe we have to be well informed to have enough power to cause change. As a member of a community, society, of the human race even, isn’t it our moral duty to lookout for one another? Does closing your eyes to what is going on around you ultimately mean you’re turning your back on those less fortunate?

What’s your reasoning?

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