To Clean or not to Clean

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This weekend the Globe and Mail caught my eye with a catchy front page; Feminism’s Final Frontier. So of course I felt compelled to find out about this final frontier and most importantly, if I had crossed it or not.

To my surprise, there was no ‘ah ha’ moment and although it doesn’t take much for me to get riled up at the thought of injustice, this article simply tickled me a little. Why? Well, is it really chocking to ANYONE that couples argue about chores? Anyone? The article states that “in a recent study, both husbands and wives chose sharing household chores as the third most important factor for marital bliss, after faithfulness and good sex.” Shocking! Not quite. Im pretty sure I’ve been arguing about chores since I was 5 years old. Whether its with siblings, roommates or your special someone, there will always be a debate regarding chores simply because no one likes to do them. Its not a feminist thing, its more of a laziness thing.

That being said, it seems that although women are working more outside the home, they are still feeling the social pressures of maintaining the same domestic load that their stay-at-home mothers did. The reality is women (and men) are responsible for the type of partnership they have with their significant other. Some couples share the chores evenly, others don’t. Some guys do all the cooking while the girls do the cleaning and vice versa. Even if the media still predominantly uses women to sell house cleaning products and even if the women in many sitcoms are the ones keeping the house in order, it doesn’t mean that YOU have to. You can choose to do his dishes because you love him, because you’re sick of it being there or you can simply not do it. Better yet, you can date someone else who doesn’t mind cooking for you AND doing the dishes. The point is, no one is to blame but ourselves and frankly, there are much more fun things to do in the kitchen than argue about dishes…

The article implied that some women may let household chores such as laundry impact their career choices, and as I said, that tickled me a little. Guys should help out with the household and if they do, women should appreciate it and vice versa. For those of a more controlling nature, as the saying goes: if you want something done “right” you have to do it yourself, so don’t complain. Seriously. If such a simple gender stereotype like chores can deter your from your dreams, then I think the issue is a bit more internal. Maybe its just me but give me a cause like the lack of female CEOs in this country or the gender salary difference issue when you want to tackle the discussion of feminism. But chores?! Well, lets just say I wont be burning my bra anytime soon.

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