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What if humans were a bit more like puppies?

Sure there are small disadvantages such as using a fire hydrant as a bathroom but what if? I have a friend that I often visit and I must admit one of the main attractions to going to her place is the amazing welcome I receive from her two little Yorkies. They are genuinely happy and excited to see me. The minute I get to the door, I hear them bark and before I know it, there’s a smile on my face. Dogs can’t fake it. There’s no baggage, no sarcasm and no drama. What if we were also such honest and happy creatures? Well, we can be. “The lens through which your brain views the world is what shapes your reality” so why not see the world a bit more like puppies do?

Be excited about people who are good to you.

Be loyal to those who look out for you.

Be affectionate…Licking is optional.

Go for a run or a walk everyday.

Eat well.

Drink lots of water.

Be in touch with your emotions.

Find joy in the simple things.

Protect the people you love.



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