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Ok so this is day four of this bootylicious 30 day workout. Squats and more squats is not usually part of my routine however when the super energetic workout princess Andrea tells you to join a challenge, you cant help but get excited about it. Then you find yourself at home doing squats in front of your mirror wondering why you ever agreed to it…

First day required 60 squats and I must admit that wasn’t so bad. The second day required 80 squats and I wasn’t sure if I could actually do all 80 squats in a row. Turns out it wasn’t that bad…OK, small confession; I was slightly, kinda, sorta very tipsy. I had enjoyed a lovely bottle of white wine with a dear friend and remembered last minute before bed that I had to do my 80 squats. So I did them! Plus, I knew Andrea would ask me about it the next day and I’m a terrible liar. Day three was thankfully a “rest” day. I was sore and very relieved about that. The fourth day of the 30 day challenge was actually pretty easy. Could it be that I’m actually getting used to this?! Well, Day 5 requires a 100 squats so we’ll see how I feel about that.

Thinking back now, on that first night doing squats in front of the mirror wondering why I had agreed… Well, I agreed because deep down inside (very deep down inside) I know that this is good for me. It’s good to be physically active for obvious health reasons. It’s good to be active for emotional reason; yes those serotonin and endorphin hormones will actually make you happier. Guess what, its also really good for the ego! Why? Well knowing that every day for 30 days, you are reaching a clear goal that you didn’t think you could do, feels pretty good. And at the very least, lets face it, who doesn’t want a fine looking booty?

I’m excited to be doing this challenge and curious to see how my booty will look on day 30. See you at the finish line!

For more information about this challenge and Andrea Wheeler’s fitness studio, check out: www.dreawheeler.com

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